Updated: March 04, 2010 1:06:31 PM PST
Walt Mancini
It is disguised as a modern and chic home with the look of an art gallery, exhibiting glass sculptures, paintings and a canyon for a backdrop.   Full Story
Design with a (Re)Purpose
Landscape designer Sean Knibb takes an unconventional approach to conventional design as he transforms ordinary outdoor spaces into magical retreats from everyday life. Full Story

There is a sea change of people carpooling, buying plants that require less water, turning off the lights more often and using fuel-efficient appliances and cars. People truly are realizing that every little thing really does add up toward saving both money and the planet. But here are some reminders on how we can continue to do even more for the next generation.   Full Story
Home Ec(o) 101: Hold the Water
In these times of belt-tightening, it's out with the old way of carefree spending and in with the new, less-is-more approach to life. We're here to help with these tips for saving money, gas and water. Full Story

There's no better time to find ways to save money and gain peace of mind. Read on for easy ways to spend less so you can get more out of life.   Full Story
Home Ec(o) 101: Frugal-Living Tips
In these times of economic uncertainty, it makes sense to find ways to save money at home. We dusted off some frugal-living tips we heard growing up and came up with a few of our own for today's world. Try them out and save for yourself. Full Story

Eco-living isn't just about ecology, it's also about economy. Try these thrifty tips around your home to help save the planet--and your hard-earned cash.   Full Story