From an alarm clock that really gets you rolling in the morning to your own private karaoke machine, here are the latest techie tools for your hooked-up home.

Digital Art
Save valuable desk space and keep cable clutter under control. The LaCie USB Hub is part sculpture, part practical solution for using multiple USB devices with your computer. Compatible with both Mac and PC, it lets you connect up to seven devices at once. Made of sturdy polycarbonate, it's priced around $80.

Sing Along
It's everything you might love about karaoke, without the two-drink minimum. iKaraoke from Griffin Technology works with your iPod, letting you sing along with your favorite songs. It fades the lead vocals and uses an FM signal to transmit the tunes, along with your voice, to your home stereo. Retails for $17.50;

Watchful Eye
Say goodnight in person even if you're miles away. Eyeball 2.0 is a 2 mega pixel Web cam with CD-quality audio and HD-quality video. Ideal for instant messaging and video conferencing, it uses a USB connection and driverless installation. The integrated stand fits virtually any monitor. Available for $80, Eyeball features an innovative camera-off privacy feature;

Roll With It
Not your everyday alarm clock, Clocky Mobile Alarm Clock gives you one chance to get up and at 'em. If you hit the snooze button, Clocky-still sounding the alarm-will jump right off your nightstand and roll around your room, looking for a place to hide. Engineered to jump up to three feet, Clocky's durable wheels can handle any terrain. Available for about $40 in aqua, almond, coco, raspberry and chrome;

Friendly Fire
Environmentally sound and striking, the Zeta freestanding fireplace by EcoSmart runs on renewable denatured ethanol. A clever fusion of timber, leather and stainless steel, the portable unit sits on a stainless steel swivel base and features a space-age curve. Priced around $11,000, it's available in an array of leather options including ciocolatta, Nero, ranch hide and latte;