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The Sabzi painting over the fireplace provides an artful focus in the living room.

There was an extensive art collection to work with, along with a Swarovski crystal-encrusted wall mirror and a couple pieces of classic furniture. With those elements as their inspiration, designers Genaro Lagdameo and Wendy Huffman launched a top-down remodel of a sprawling five-bedroom West Hills house. "We went in with a feeling of possibilities," Lagdameo says. "We knew what they were looking for - comfort, and a way for their family and friends to enjoy their house. They wanted every room to be usable."

That isn't to say that the husband-and-wife owners didn't have their own ideas for erasing every vestige of the 1980s from the two-story house. Yet, Lagdameo found that he and the husband had "the same eye" when it came to envisioning how the two-story house could be re-created as a Tuscan villa.

The power room was renovated to showcase the Swarovski-crystal entrusted wall mirror.
The power room was renovated to showcase the Swarovski-crystal entrusted wall mirror. (Jessica Boone)
Lagdameo and Huffman selected an element in each room that helped guide their design. They added plum and green hues in the living room, colors picked up from the eye-catching Sabzi painting hanging over the fireplace. The centerpiece in the downstairs powder room is an enamel-and-crystal Jay Strongwater mirror, backed by a rich plum-colored wall and flanked by panels of mauve and turquoise glass tiles.

That kind of opulence was a "tough act to follow" when it came time to designing the master bedroom, Lagdameo says. He and Huffman answered the challenge with a richly textured bedroom suite, with the image of a blazing sunset painted on the coffered ceiling over the seating year. The sunken tub in the Roman-style master bathroom overlooks the backyard pool. The kitchen and breakfast area got a makeover, as well, with custom cabinets and a hand-crafted table enhancing the functionality and flow of the space. "My goal was to update the look," Lagdameo says, "but to make it look like it's always been there."

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