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"His" new closet features wardrobe organizers with leather pulls.

While many people view a closet as merely a nook to hang their clothes and stash their shoes, Lisa Adams sees it as a place where anything is possible. A wardrobe, a dressing room, a laundry center, a spa - any element can be incorporated to what Adams considers a "living space." "A closet is a room that people care about," says the owner and CEO of Lisa Adams Closet Design. "This is where they start in the morning, and that experience sets the tone for the rest of their day."

During her eight years in business, Adams has seen the evolution of closets as an extension of the design process rather than as merely an after-thought. Architecture, lighting and furnishings are just as important in a small space as in a vast room, which is why her custom closets often feature chandeliers and seating areas.

She's increasingly been called on to create separate closets for men and women - each project with its own design challenges. "Men like a place where they can sit down, read and watch TV," Adams says. "Women like the feel of a boutique, that they're shopping in their own wardrobe."

All of those elements were incorporated into one recent project, where Adams knocked down the wall between a bland closet and jumbled bathroom, transforming the space into his-and-hers sanctuaries. "Her" oasis features a glass-enclosed shower and whirlpool tub. "His" refuge has a breakfast bar and mini-fridge. And each has its own floor-to-ceiling closet system, made of soothing maple with leather pulls. Shirts and blouses hang crisply on corner carousels, sweaters nestle in deep, glass-front drawers, and shoes and purses, belts and neckties all have their own special place. This project goes to the heart of Adams' design secret: "Homeowners want to maximize the space with a well-designed closet, to ultimately achieve calm from the chaos of modern life."

Lisa Adams
Lisa Adams Closet Design