A lifetime spent studying the lines, curves and angles of the human body gives Dr. Anthony Verity an affinity for the lines, curves and angles of art. An emeritus professor of pathology at UCLA, Verity is also a self-taught sculptor and painter who captured the gold medal at a Valley Artists Guild juried exhibition this spring. His winning painting, "Persimmon Mountain," and "Deep Lake," above, are part of a series depicting his surrealistic interpretations of the Garden of Eden. "I have an appreciation for patterns and lines that tends to move toward the abstract," Verity says. Born and educated in England, Verity immigrated to the United States in 1959, about the same time he became interested in art. He became enamored of modern Japanese art, a motif that finds its way into many of his sculptures, paintings and one-of-a-kind cards. To see more of his work, visit www.anthonyfineart.net.