Christina Lynn Johnson launched her art career after being laid off from an accounting firm, a happy misfortune that allowed her to explore the more creative aspects of her personality. She cultivated a childhood talent for art and discovered "bliss" in creating exquisitely detailed watercolor landscapes of rustic countrysides. To satisfy her more playful side, she crafts abstract "paintings" of brilliantly colored glass, gold leaf and copper wire fused in the kiln of her garage studio. "I just start playing with pieces of glass, and let the glass lead me," she says. And because glass changes as it melts, there's an element of surprise in each of the panels she creates. "With glass, I feel free to experiment and play with the vibrant opalescent and transparent colors," says Johnson, a San Fernando Valley native. "I think the pieces reflect the strength I've come to feel as an artist and evoke the playfulness and joy I feel in life." Johnson's watercolors and fused-glass paintings can be seen at VIVA gallery in Sherman Oaks and at